The Footprint by Dabilo M. Mokobi

The Footprint by Dabilo M. Mokobi

Tefo was down to one man and he thought he would send him on sales and marketing trips. The farm was 237 kilometers from one of the main farmer’s markets in the North Western part of South Africa, and thankfully both his son’s school and one of the diabetes specialists his wife preferred were also nearby. According to Tefo’s calculations, by the time their daughter arrived it would be okay for him and the farm workers to be grounded for a while.

Baby would be home, his wife would recover from the pregnancy diabetes, they would have sold enough stud goats to pay a respectable deposit for the solar powered equipment and machinery, and everything would be fine.

At least that’s what he thought.

‘Dabilo is an Author, Poet, Youth Inspirational Speaker, Youth Mentor, Real Estate Developer, Space Innovator and Creative Spirit. 

Being an avid reader and through immersing herself in the many books she comes across, Dabilo was able to reach into her own mind, where she found her creative genius. Years of writing passages, poems, short stories and plays culminated in Dabilo officially becoming a published author in 2007, with 4 fabulous children’s books and a number of short stories published thus far. 

Dabilo spent her young adult life as a member of the Peer and Adult Counselling for Teenagers programme in Botswana, where her interest in and passion for mentoring the youth was profoundly evoked.

Using her talent as an African children’s book author to motivate the youth to improve their lives through reading and writing, Dabilo has spoken on different occasions before Primary and Secondary school students, on the benefits of learning, studying and speaking English, particularly for students who study English as a second language. 

In her life as a Real Estate Developer, Dabilo has been involved in various property construction projects, the most notable of which being the current ‘inner city gentrification’ project in the heart of the city of Gaborone, Botswana. The residential development aims to increase the stock and improve the quality of low income housing in the area.

Be it through writing stories or building homes, Dabilo merges her creative and official lives with the joyful purpose of uplifting others.’

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