Equatorial Ice by Illimani Ferreira

Equatorial Ice by Illimani Ferreira

On that day, however, something was different in the air. Literally.

Dindinha helped herself to some of her dindins, even knowing that by doing so it would anger her mother. It was just way too hot…

…to go through the day without some sort of refreshment, and all the incessant sweating was making her thirsty, too. Dona Gardênia, a plump middle-aged woman who carried around a two meter high pole with cotton candy bags attached to it, always showed up every day in front of the school about the same time as Dindinha. In recent days she would throw nasty glances at Dindinha because her dindins were selling much better than the cotton candy. But this day, Dona Gardênia’s gaze was nowhere in particular. First she dropped her pole, and then she fainted. Nobody helped her, as every single person in that square was now realizing that the oppressive heat and humidity were conspiring to take them down as well. A few seconds after Dona Gardênia, an elderly maid waiting for her employer also passed out, landing heavily on the sidewalk. Then more and more sweaty people started crumbling.

Illimani Ferreira is a Brazilian Science Fiction writer currently living in Lower, Slower Delaware, USA where, as a person who grew up in Brazil’s central savannas, he is trying to decide if he is a beach person or not (the prospect of the rising Atlantic Ocean taking over the lowlands of Southern Delaware seem to suggest he may not be). 

With an academic background in Social Sciences and a professional background in Social Services, Illimani is particularly interested in the human existence and persistence as a collectivity in a changing technological and environmental landscape. Such themes can be noticed in his stories, published by different magazines and anthologies, as well as in his recently released novel Terminal 3, which tackles the current immigration crisis through the prisms of science fiction and satire.  

You can find Illimani Ferreira on Twitter (@ifscifi) and contact him through his website: www.ifscifi.com.

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