The Continuity by Philip Berry

The Continuity by Philip Berry

Natural scientists, most recently the unpredictable Benganly, had drawn comparisons between the towers that the culatraciae liked to build and the rock pinnacles on which the mothskins lived.

He had a theory that mothskins could learn from the culatraciae: the way they lived over water, their willingness to build rafts (out of their own bodies!), their selfless respect for the greater good.

But then, if given the space, Benganly would go too far, and return to his obsession – a city on the sands with wooden houses, designed to float up with the tide when it came… when it came. Alektra’s school had stopped inviting him in to speak to the class. He was left to live with the lookers, those similarly obsessed devotees of the tide who spent all day, every day, gazing out onto the plain, watching for a sign… watching for the first cloud.

Philip’s speculative fiction has appeared in Metaphorosis, The Corona Book of SF, Headstuff, Ellipsis Zine and 365Tomorrows. He also writes poetry, CNF and mainstream fiction. He lives in London and works as a liver specialist in the NHS. His writing can be explored at or @philaberry .

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