Chasers by Eric Del Carlo

Chasers by Eric Del Carlo

A chunk of something solid whipped out of the brown and black vortex and speared straight at the windshield. In the instant before contact, Javier saw that it was part of a tree. It thumped hard on the reinforced glass and ricocheted away. There would scarcely be a tree standing out here. Nor a house, steeple, telephone pole–any of the old world, human-made landmarks. Storms like this one had swept it all away.

Light flared, searingly white and intense. For just a fraction of time it seemed to individualize every tiny particle of airborne dross.

The dirt and dust and pulverized concrete and flakes of blasted metal hung suspended and unmoving, caught in that vast eruption of powerful light.

Then the thunder–the brawling of gods, hammering across the heavens–came and broke the spell. More lightning followed. At least this wasn’t a rainstorm, Javier told himself. He didn’t know how he would feel about Piper Chasing through one of those oceanic downpours, with the surface impossibly slick even beneath the sure-grip cleated tires.

Eric Del Carlo’s stories have appeared in Asimov’s, Analog, Clarkesworld and many other venues. His short fiction collection Time, Like Blood, on His Hands and Other Stories is available on Amazon. He lives in the United States, in his native California. Contact him on Facebook with comments and questions:

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