Light From The Darkness by Derek Des Anges

Light From The Darkness by Derek Des Anges

“I’m not making fun of you,” Dr Katy Natsinet—as she had vehemently corrected everyone who’d called during the last week—assured her, staring into the fridge with a satisfied look despite its very low contents. “I’m thanking you for reminding me to not be a mindless technophile. It just sounds like mockery because I have uh… a potato for a brain.”

Miranda peered around the fridge door. “Why exactly are you staring into the fridge light like you’re trying to get the world’s weakest tan?”

Katy pointed into the crop propagation bin. 

The tundra-special foam fungus which had taken up most of it for this last crop rotation had grown into an extremely weird shape.

Derek Des Anges has been previously published by Owl Hollow Press and Vulture Bones magazine, and by Less Than Three Press and New Smut Project under the pseudonym Melissa Snowdon. He has been writing in a variety of genres for around 20 years, and currently works in Media Monitoring.

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