2321: Road Trip by Andrew Grell

2321: Road Trip by Andrew Grell

Marcus and Horatius looked at he each other; Horatius gave Marcus the sign; it was his idea, he would have to do the explaining.

“We aren’t recovering rodents. The former Florida now stops at Deland. Fortuitous and prognostic name; it is now the southernmost point of the Remaining States. 

Polydactyl cats with oddly bent tails roam the ruins. If there were rodents of any kind, the cats would have dispatched them. No, we will dive the waters covering the Lost World of Disney…

…a place people went to give their children synthetic fun and for the parents to stand in long lines assessing potential couplings with others in the same line. Its Sigil was a mouse, the second greatest mouse of all time. But the sunken city must contain an archaeological treasure store. This will be our adventure this year.”

Andrew Paul Grell lives in a park in Manhattan with Melody, his wife, now an in-remission cancer patient and graduate student, and their Malti-poo puppy, Cyrus King of Persia.  At 61, he is an “emerging writer,” author of the recently released science fiction novel SCAPEGOATS: The Goat Protocols, which has been entered into the Sacred Cannon of the New York Public Library. Andrew has been anthologized in American Writers Review, Surprised by Joy, Grumpy Old Gods 2, and What Sort of Fuckery is This.  He also makes appearances in Writers Newsletter and is proud to be an Ugly Writer. 

By day he uses mathematical models to ferret out fraud, and he gets everywhere by bicycle. He has been an alternative energy/transportation advocate since Junior High in 1973. Lately he & Mel have sponsored and published a print run of ELIXIR MAGAZINE, an online journal out of Yemen, because the women running it are trying to maintain culture and normalcy while literally having the crap bombed out of them.  He owes everything to Mel, since he glommed all of her contacts from the Wilkes University writing program.

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