Buitendyks, where the Night-gulls yodel

Buitendyks, where the Night-gulls yodel


Lynn bolted down the driftwood steps to the garage. Her least favorite sister, Elspeth, was lying under her raised water-scooter, scraping mussels and barnacles from the panzer-glass hull. She was clearly in a foul mood, muttering and hissing with frustration when the rock-hard encrustations refused to yield.

Well, that is what you get when you leave your scooter floating in the dock for half a year.

Lynn pulled her e-bike from the clamps and the battery-light instantly lit up red. Zero point seventeen: half a kilometer at most and then it would be like driving through loose sand.

“Elspeth? Can I borrow your bike? I have to get down to the ferry.”

“Better take the bus. There was an alert about the north road. The ground shifting.” Elspeth scooted out from under her scooter and waved with her smart chisel. “See?”

One of the mills leaned indeed slightly to the left. It must have been a bad subsidence if it hadn’t been able to right itself. Windmills were almost as smart as Shadow.

“The bus won’t arrive for another hour. I’ll miss the ferry.”

“A boyfriend?” Elspeth chuckled. “What boy would want you? A graveyard ghost with enough piercings to stock a hardware store.”

“Don’t throttle her,” Shadow said in her head. “You still need her bike.” 

TAIS TENG is a Dutch sf writer and illustrator with the quite unpronounceable name of Thijs van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen, which he shortened to Tais Teng to leave room for a picture of an exploding starship or a clever steam-punk lady on the covers of his novels.

In his own language he has written about everything from radio-plays to hefty fantasy trilogies. To date he has sold fifty-three stories in the English language and two children’s books: When the Night-gaunt knows your name & The Emerald Boy. Phaedra: Alastor 824, set in the universe of Jack Vance, has just been published by Spatterlight press. His most recent sales are to Daily science fiction, Mythaxis, Unreal and Cirsova.

Find him at his English website, art, Facebook, on twitter @TaisTeng, or YouTube.

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