I Take Credit For Saving The World by P.S.C Willis

I Take Credit For Saving The World by P.S.C Willis

My points total is now over one hundred, so the app is automatically flashing ‘New reward unlocked! Open now?’ I glance at the time. Rewards usually only take five to ten minutes, and it’s been less than ten since Ariel’s interview started. I should have time. But my own interview took much less than thirty minutes, and it won’t go over well if she catches me…

Even before I’ve really finished thinking this, my finger is swiping ‘yes’

My nano switches to projection mode. The image is big enough that I can more or less block the rest of the world from view. I can see the canteen through the translucent hologram video but only if I focus on it instead, and why would I? I stare at the image. There’s water. This should not be beautiful.

PSC Willis is a graduate of both Newcastle and Reading Universities (UK) and currently lives in Shanghai. Writing fits in alongside a day job as a speech and language therapist, and takes many forms. Firstly, as an avid text-based role-player since the age of fifteen, creating and sharing online adventures with friends, and now also as an active member of the Shanghai Writing Workshop. Both groups have been a huge influence and support, and receive heartfelt thanks. ‘I Take Credit…’ is P’s first published piece. Other current projects include polishing several short stories and looking for homes for them, and editing a YA novel. P likes to write stories that allow others to believe in good people, in magic, or sometimes both, and aims to make the world a better place through stories. Twitter: @psc_willis

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