Reader’s Favourite Review

And Lately, the Sun: Speculative Fictions for a Climate-thrashed World by Calyx Press is a collection of twenty stories that are gripping and very entertaining, stories that cover a variety of themes and combine elements from different genres. They have a unique appeal to fans of science fiction and speculative fantasy. The authors reimagine the world in these twenty stories and take readers on adventures across different experiences of the characters and communities. With the effects of global warming being felt, with uncontrollable fires and ice forming along the Arctic, the authors offer stories that invite readers to dream of a future that is possible. It is hard to take the reader through each of these stories, but they are diverse, told from different perspectives, and with voices that are original and compelling. Themes of family, grit, climate change, community, politics, love, religion, manhood, socialism, and many more are featured in the stories.

Calyx Press has assembled a collection of short stories that are skillfully written; some are observant in style; others are highly descriptive, and in each story, there is something beautiful that will delight the reader — the strong writing, the originality in the narrative voice, the setting, or the exciting plot elements. This book is filled with gems for fans of short stories and I relished the opening story, “Roots” by Vrinda Baliga. Some of my favorite ones are “Inviting Disaster” by Sarena Ulibarri, “Light from the Darkness” by Derek Des Anges, and “From the Rooftops” by Jacob Ashton. Depending on the reader’s taste, there is a good story for everyone in this book. The settings will take readers across the world, from India to Australia, to Botswana, and to many other places. Then there are those elements of setting such as sunbaked cities and farmlands that are beautifully written. And Lately, the Sun: Speculative Fictions for a Climate-thrashed World is a gorgeous collection and an irresistible gift for anyone looking for an engaging and thoughtfully written science fiction collection.

Reader’s Favourite

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