Reader’s Favourite Review

Have you ever imagined a future where the world is altered by climate change and how humanity would adapt in that scenario? And Lately, The Sun by Calyx Press is a collection of short stories by different authors depicting worlds that respond to or are affected by climate change in various ways: tree-dwelling and sentient trees that grow to meet humanity’s needs, governments measuring carbon footprints, rebuilding the world with colored multilingual eggs, a 12-year-old girl surviving alone in a world plagued by extreme heat, and more. Many stories are science fiction while others have elements of fantasy, realism, mystery, literary fiction, and other genres. The writers are award and prize winners from different countries and continents who add their unique styles of writing and their different backgrounds to this comprehensive collection. 

A collection of stories about climate change. Yes! I loved the first story a lot, which is centered on tree-dwelling, as I have also fantasized about living in trees. Readers should mostly expect stories that portray how various types of characters behave and interact with their surroundings and acquaintances in different scenarios and environmental realities. The stories are quite immersive and descriptive. Prepare to be yanked away from your seats and spirited into a world of new possibilities in And Lately, The Sun. I found myself drifting through different emotions, like excitement, wonder, awe, fear, and anxiety. As I have a musical project about climate change myself, I am pleased to see that more people are creating awareness about it in different ways. Kudos to Calyx Press and the various writers that contributed to creating this masterpiece!

– Reader’s Favourite

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