About Us

About Us

We are Calyx, an international team of writers, science fiction enthusiasts, and people who don’t want to see humanity crash and burn. And we’re here to talk about how our future’s going to work.

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Calyx is registered in Australia as an non-profit association for the purpose of supporting the generation and dissemination of creative works on themes of science, technology and the future.

Who we’re reading (fiction):
  • Jo Walton (Escape To Other Worlds With Science Fiction)
  • Zen Cho (Cyberpunk: Malaysia)
  • Liu Cixin (The Three Body Problem)
  • Ursula Le Guin (Paradises Lost)
  • Greg Egan (Distress, Teranesia)
  • Bruce Sterling (Heavy Weather, The Last Viridian Note)
  • Kim Stanley Robinson (The Mars Trilogy)
  • Iain M Banks (The Culture)
  • Ted Chiang

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