BSFA Long List Nominations

Congratulations to Andrew Dana Hudson and Jay Springett (In The Storm, A Fire) and Philip Berry (The Continuity) whose stories have been long listed for a British Science Fiction Association Award. To help get these excellent stories into the hands of readers, And Lately, The Sun is now available at 70% discount on Smashwords using…

Reader’s Favourite Review

Calyx Press has assembled a collection of short stories that are skillfully written […] in each story, there is something beautiful that will delight the reader.

Smashwords Sale

And Lately, The Sun is now available on Smashwords – just in time for their end-of-year sale. 75% off until January 1st.

2321: Road Trip by Andrew Grell

…we will dive the waters covering the Lost World of Disney, a place people went to give their children synthetic fun and for the parents to stand in long lines assessing potential couplings with others in the same line.

Chasers by Eric Del Carlo

A chunk of something solid whipped out of the brown and black vortex and speared straight at the windshield. In the instant before contact, Javier saw that it was part of a tree.

The Continuity by Philip Berry

He had a theory that mothskins could learn from the culatraciae: the way they lived over water, their willingness to build rafts (out of their own bodies!), their selfless respect for the greater good.

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